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Spring REST Tutorial

I've just written an updated tutorial for building a RESTful services with Spring Boot. Have a look here.

In this post I’ll show you how to implement a RESTful web service using the Spring framework. REST support was introduced as part of Spring 3 and is built on top of the existing Spring MVC stack, so anyone that has worked with Spring MVC in the past should find the REST support very easy to grasp. I’ll provide a step by step guide so even if you’re not familiar with Spring MVC you should be able get a RESTful service up and running quickly.
What is REST? REST is an architectural style that has evolved from existing web technologies to allow client applications to communicate with a server using a simple and familiar approach. The approach is familiar because REST is built on top of the HTTP protocol, a protocol that has formed the backbone of the web for years. REST leverages the existing capabilities of HTTP and uses them to provide an architectural approach for implementi…