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Spring JMS Tutorial with ActiveMQ

In this post I'll look at Springs messaging support and how it can be used to integrate with Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) offerings such as Apache ActiveMQ. Although the sample application in this post will use ActiveMQ as its message broker, the application itself is vendor agnostic and can  integrate with any JMS compliant messaging platform. I've kept the application as loosely coupled from ActiveMQ as possible and will highlight the bits that would need to change if you were to choose another message platform such as IBM MQSeries.

Technologies Used
The sample code in this post will be built and deployed as a simple web application. Obviously this doesn't have to be the case but I've chosen to build a web app as these type of enterprise integration components tend to be deployed as web applications in the real world. The sample app will be built using the following stack. Apache ActiveMQ - JMS Message Broker(not part of the actual application but used to test our…

Spring Quartz Tutorial

In this post I’ll show you how to use Quartz scheduling with a Spring application. Quartz can be easily integrated with Spring to invoke schedule tasks that call your existing business logic. One of the things I really like about Springs support for Quartz is that you don't have to write any Quartz specific code or amend your existing code to use Quartz scheduling. You simply configure Quartz alongside your existing bean definitions and point it at the logic that you'd like to invoke.

Technologies Used
Our Spring/Quartz example will be built as a stand alone Java application using the following. Spring 3.1MavenQuartz 1.6 It is assumed that readers have a basic knowledge of Spring and Maven. To help you get an example running quickly I’ll add a link to the full source code at the bottom of this post. Once you download the Maven project simply import it into Eclipse and run a Maven build.

Creating a simple Project
We'll start off by creating a very simple Spring project like …