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Spring AOP Tutorial

Application logic can be broken into 2 distinct areas, core business logic and cross cutting concerns. Business logic is code written to satisfy a functional requirement, while a cross cutting concern is 'utility' logic that is agnostic to any specific business process and required by many parts of the application. Examples include logging, transaction management, performance monitoring and security. While none of these address a functional requirement, they remain fundamental parts of the application runtime.

Cross cutting concerns present 2 main challenges.
They tend to be 'scattered' across the application which can lead to considerable duplicate code. Logging or performance monitoring is a good example. They become tangled with application business logic and result in code that is difficult to maintain because there is no clear Separation of Concerns.   Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) aims to address these challenges by providing a means of modularisi…

jQuery Tables

This post will show you how to create rich data grids using the DataTables plugin for jQuery. DataTables is a flexible framework that allows you to create grids using a variety of data sources. This tutorial will show you how DataTables can be used with DOM and JavaScript data sources.

DOM Data Source
The simplest way to use DataTables is with a DOM data source. This approach simply 'decorates' an existing HTML table and is ideal for enhancing plain HTML tables created using template languages like JSP or Velocity.

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To turn this rather dull looking HTML table into a rich data grid we simply decorate the table on document load.
1: <script type="text/javascript"> 2: $(document).ready(func…