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Micro Services - An Introduction

Micro services isn't a brand new concept, but rather the evolution of something that's been around for years - the distributed architecture. I've worked on a number of SOAs over the past 8 years and am currently working on a cloud based product, so was keen to see what micro services have to offer. This post is a high level introduction to micro services, but some of the content is just as relevant to modern cloud based distributed architectures in general. 
Replacing the MonolithBefore we look at micro services lets first take a look at the more traditional monolithic architecture where an entire solution is built and deployed as a single artifact. The server side monolith should look familiar to most developers and typically consists of  HTML, JavaScript, CSS web clientA server side component that exposes a set of services to the client, interacts with the database and perhaps integrates with other external systemsA relation database or some other external data store While…