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Docker & Spring Boot

Docker allows you to package an application with its dependencies, into a light weight, portable container that can run on almost any environment.  You can think of a Docker container as a run time, a mini virtual machine that encapsulates your application and its dependencies.
In order to run a container you need a Docker image. An image is like a template that defines everything that will exist within the container. You can almost think of an container as a run time instance of the image it was created from. In this post we'll define and build 3 slightly different Docker images that run a simple Java app.

Installing Docker If you haven't already done so you'll need to install Docker. The official documentation is pretty good so following it step by step should see you up and running in about 15 minutes.
I've installed Docker on Windows and Ubuntu but to be honest I prefer running it on Ubuntu and have found it a bit more reliable than with Docker Toolbox on Windows.��…