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Apache CXF- Contract First Web Services

I wrote a post a few years ago detailing a step by step guide to building a contract first web service using Spring.  I recently started working with Apache CXF and thought it would be worth putting together a more up to date post, this time using CXF.
We'll create a fictitious Account Service that takes a single account number parameter and returns associated account information. Although the sample service will be very simple, the approach taken should provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build real world services.

Source Code The full source code for this post is available on GitHub so feel free to have a look. You may find it useful to have the code locally as you work through this post.

Domain Model Definition We'll begin by defining the service domain model as an XML Schema Definition (XSD). The schema will define the entities that our Account service will use. We'll begin by defining the core Account entity - the diagram below shows the XSD snippet that d…