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REST Endpoint Testing With MockMvc

In this post I'm going to show you how to test a Spring MVC Rest endpoint without deploying your application to a server. In the past, full integration tests were the only meaningful way to test a Spring REST endpoint. This involved spinning up a test server like Tomcat or Jetty, deploying the application, calling the test endpoint, running some assertions and then terminating the server. While this is an effective way to test an endpoint, it isn't particularly fast. We're forced to wait while the entire application is stood up, just to test a single endpoint.
An alternative approach is to unit test by manually instantiating the Controller and mocking out any required dependencies.  While such a test will run much faster than a full integration test, its of limited value. The problem is that by manually instantiating the Controller we're bypassing Springs Dispatcher Servlet, and as a result missing out on core features like
request URL mapping request deserialization re…