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REST HATEOAS with Spring

The Richardson maturity model breaks the REST architectural style into various levels of maturity.
Level zero describes a system that uses HTTP as a transport mechanism only (also known as URI tunnelling). A single URI and HTTP verb is typically used for all interactions with POX (plain old XML) being posted over the wire. Old school SOAP-RPC is a good level zero example.Level one describes a system that builds on level zero by introducing the notion of resources. Resources typically represent some business entity and are usually described using nouns. Each resource is addressed via a unique URI and a single HTTP verb is used for all interactions.  Level two builds on level one by using a broader range of HTTP verbs to interact with each resource. Typically GET, POST, PUT and DELETE are used to retrieve, create, update and delete resources, providing consumers with CRUD behaviour for each resource. Level three builds upon level two by introducing HATEOAS - Hypermedia As The Engine Of A…